Virtual Workforce Management


Lessons Learned

Why is RPA so appealing? Here are the most common responses I have received.

  1. Foster communication and transparency 
  2. Leverage staff across zones
  3. Improve job satisfaction by process participants
  4. Reduce time spent on administrative activities
  5. Enforce operational controls and improve ability to measure performance
  6. Increase staff productivity
  7. Improve accuracy to reduce rework and backlogs
  8. Eliminate the need to reconcile
  9. Standardize processing
  10. Improve quality of service
  11. Improve visibility of value added activities
  12. Leverage existing technology and improve systems utilization
  13. Reduce development cost
  14. Reduce data integrity issues
  15. Increase process development re-use
  16. Improved visibility of operational issues
Tristan Gitman