Virtual Workforce Management


Lessons Learned

Getting New RPA? Check under the hood.

There is a certain sense of hype around RPA. The benefits look appealing and timely for most organizations. However, what has been packaged as "RPA" is, in the most cases nothing more than "assisted automation" and "screen scraping" repackaged and re-branded.  What I have discovered after speaking with dozens of organizations that have succeeded resulted in a short-list of features outlined below. Here is what to measure look for when evaluating an Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering:

  • Extensible, Secure, Reliable, Proven Platform
  • Proven methodology for establishing a sustainable Operating Model
  • Supports Governance, Compliance Change Management
  • Resilient ‘Enterprise’ Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive IT Security Compliance
  • Flexible and Maintainable Process Configuration
  •  Re-usable Process Execution and Control
  • Support for In-depth Reporting and Analytics able to provide real-time Business Control & Visibility
  • Availability of Broad, Multi-disciplined Training
Tristan Gitman