Virtual Workforce Management


Lessons Learned

Create an RPA Business Case in 15 Steps

1. Create a list of pains within your operation

2. Obtain a list of all RPA capabilities from an RPA expert

3. Match pains with corresponding capabilities highlighting all relevant


4. Look over the RPA capabilities you have highlighted

5. Formulate a business requirement for each RPA capability

6. Consult with an expert on which RPA solution suite meets your


7. Identify all operational staff-level roles

8. List all activities performed by the staff based on available role


9. Highlight activities that can be performed by a robotic equivalent

10. Use performance benchmarks and operational capacity plan to

isolate areas of constrained capacity

11. Prioritize roles by number of activities that can be performed by

robotic workforce

12. Calculate automation potential of each activity

13. Calculate number of implementation days required to automate

each activity

14. Calculate cost savings resulting from automation each activity

15. Prepare benefit realization schedule and automation road map

Tristan Gitman