Virtual Workforce Management


Lessons Learned

6 Most Common Security Risks

Conversation with customers who have been operating RPA has exposed following common concerns:

1.       Robot can store data (e.g. customer details) directly on Virtual Desktop instance where it can be access by a human using Virtual Desktop login

2.       Unlimited robot workload (i.e. simultaneous access by multiple robots) might result in infrastructure overload effecting underlying systems performance

3.       Lack of operational oversight required to guarantee accurate workflow execution (e.g. changes business rules not communicated on time)

4.       Operational expertise is not available for a process, which have been completely automated can make it difficult to evaluate and adjust a process based on changing business requirements  

5.       Lack of control of access to a robot’s login credentials and corresponding systems might limit ability to control robotic resources

6.       Virtual Desktop used by a robotic resource can be effected by malware, in which case normal process workflow may be effected (e.g. a process can be initiated via email, Application Server can be hacked in order to obtain users’ access credentials)

Tristan Gitman