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Bridging the Gap Between Companies Employing Robots and Digital Workforce Experts

Robotic Process Automation is continuing to evolve. A set of new standards has recently been recognized by IEEE, the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity. Despite of growing popularity only a few companies manage to get real value from RPA.

Operating business with Software Robots requires experience.


We work exclusively with boutique management consulting companies and training providers in North America and EMEA.

In-depth familiarity with various capabilities available through consulting partners is what makes us unique. Selecting the right expert team to care for your Robotics is not simple decision. Selection criteria is based on multiple factors, such as maturity of the robotic operation, organization structure, systems infrastructure, etc. There are nearly 100 qualified consulting companies that focus exclusively on Robotic Process Automation across just North America. Expert selection is typically limited to vendors, which are readily available. Virtual Workforce Management maintains a use case library of every in-network partner. Use cases help demonstrate partner's expertise and establish a unique service profile.

Virtual Workforce Management operates as extension of partners team in order to identify best customer-expert matches using information found in the use case database.  Set your search parameters, including geographic preference, company size, industry sector, benefit type, etc.