Virtual Workforce Management

What We Do

Enable Effective Use of Digital Workforce

We facilitate deployment of Robotic Process Automation technology by helping clients create RPA operation, find or train RPA resources and obtain Blue Prism® software.


Many companies have already acquired Digital Workforce and use technology known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Inside a knowledge work operation Robotic Process Automation technology helps optimize work execution capacity. Where appropriate, we begin to see more rudimentary activities being executed without involving staff. Unlike automation in a traditional sense of the word, RPA initiatives pay off only when they are planned and executed with scale in mind. A requirement to manage multiple automated business processes operating concurrently across various areas dictates that we approach RPA as an enterprise-wide initiative.

We have developed a range of custom Assessment Tools and Capability Creation framework in order to:

  • establish vision and road map of digital workforce operation
  • rapidly identify optimal areas of automation across the business
  • validate existing Robotic Operating Model
  • assess automation footprint and create RPA road map

This ultimately rapidly transforms automation ideas into a pool of work executed by digital workforce.